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  Hardcore      A Day To Remember      A Shot In The Dark


A Day To Remember - A Shot In The Dark

Lets Take Them Back To The Days
When We Were Family
My Breath Was Your Breath When We Were Young
I Think It's Funny How The Times Have Changed
Throw Being Jealous In The Mix
And Now All I Know Of You Is A Name
Couldn't Have Came At A Better Time
This Ends Right Now

We Gave All Of Ourselves
To Entertain You
Were Only Hurting Us (ourselves)

I'm A God Amongst The Ants And Your Girlfriends
And You Act Like You Don't Even Know
It's Cause You Haven't Been Here For Too Long
I Called This Right From The Start
I Turn My Back For One Second Now All I Hear Is A Shot In The Dark
Use My Name Like You Know Me
You're All The Same

Keep Running Your Mouth

Mark My Words Were Taking Over The World

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