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Aaliyah - Quit Hatin'

[Verse 1]
Hey there, you nasty boy, it’s been a minute
And I could say my life has changed since you hit it
This is your strongest trait, you work the middle
While they say I’m sprung, I say "Baby, you did it"

They say you a baller, I hear you’re just a player
And all my friends tell me I should have never dated
But now I’m in love with you and I’mma have to tell ‘em
Quit hatin’ on him, don’t be jealous

(Your world, your world)
I’m into you boy, it can be
(Your world, your world)
Boy this don’t mean that I gotta be
(Your girl, your girl)
Had to take my friend home
My girls, nowhere without my girls, baby

[Verse 2]
Hey, first I seen you in a Beamer, and then I saw the Lexus
I knew about the Benzes, with the 20-inch rims on ‘em
And a lot of ex-girlfriends, I bet they still calling
Well I can’t say I blame ‘em, cause you have something

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