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Acústicos & Valvulados - Back To '55

I was walkin´ down the street
Walkin´ straight into a bar
I´d like to drink a liquor
Anything to go far
Wine, whiskey, bourbon
Gin, beer, any kind
´Gonna smoke a cigarrete
Asked me, where am I?

I confess I was confused
Maybe only dreamin´
Hard to believe
But I was sure that I was seein´
Fifty-four Ford
Rollin´ down the street
And that old-fashioned girl
Just staring at me

Now i´m-a-back to ´55
Now i´m-a-back to ´55
I was dreamin´ don´t know why
Must be out of my mind
Well i´m-a-back to ´55

What about the girls?
They have the right profile
What about the cars?
They got a big tail
What about the music?
Well, you know it´s so nice
I don´t wanna wake up
Hey cat, that´s my time!



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