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Acústicos & Valvulados - Dynamite

wanna drive a cadillac, and it´s dynamite
I wanna play an old bass and it´s dynamite

"Well it´s one for the money
Two for the show
I prefere another one
Gonna have myself a ball"

Wait a minute, waste your time
I´m gonna have myself a ball
And it´s dynamite

I won´t earn a dollar, It´s dynamite
I´ll lose my baby, It´s dynamite

"You shake my nerves
And you rattle my brain
I prefere another one
But you, oh man"

I´ll waste my time, It´s dynamite
Throw away my life, It´s dynamite

"No more runnin´ round
With the usual crew
I prefere another one
A good guy but you"

Well, It´s dynamite, It´s dynamite
"No more movies
For a week or two
I prefere another one
A square cat but you"


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