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Adam Lambert - Bowie Medley

It's A God Awful Small Affair
To The Girl With The Mousey Hair,
But Her Mother Is Yelling, "no!"
And Her Daddy Has Told Her To Go,
But Her Friend Is No Where To Be Seen.
Now She Walks Through Her Sunken Dream
To The Seats With The Clearest View
And She's Hooked To The Silver Screen,
But The Film Is Sadd'ning Bore
For She's Lived It Ten Times Or More.
She Could Spit In The Eyes Of Fools
As They Ask Her To Focus On

Fighting In The Dance Hall.
Oh Man!
Look At Those Cavemen Go.
It's The Freakiest Show.
Is There Life On Mars?

Fame, Makes A Man Take Things Over
Fame, Lets Him Loose, Hard To Swallow
Fame, Puts You There Where Things Are Hollow

Fame, It's Not Your Brain, It's Just The Flame
That Burns Your Change To Keep You Insane

Is It Any Wonder I Reject You First?
Fame, Fame, Fame, Fame
Is It Any Wonder You Are Too Cool To Fool

Fame, Bully For You, Chilly For Me
Got To Get A Rain Check On Pain

Fame, Fame, Fame, Fame, Fame, Fame

1, 2, 3, Hey

Let's Dance
Put On Your Red Shoes And Dance The Blues
Let's Dance
To The Song They're Playin' On The Radio

Let's Sway
While Colour Lights Up Your Face
Let's Sway
Sway Through The Crowd To An Empty Space

If You Say Run, I'll Run With You
If You Say Hide, We'll Hide
Because My Love For You
Would Break My Heart In Two
If You Should Fall
Into My Arms
And Tremble Like A Flower

Let's Dance
Dance With Me And I'll Set You Free
Let's Dance
You Could Look Into My Eyes
Let's Dance
Under The Moonlight, This Serious Moonlight

Yeah, Yeah
Let's Dance



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