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Adam Lambert - Castle man

Thank You For The Castle
Thank You For All Of The Castles
Made Of Stone Let Us Call Our Own

I Cant See Your Train
Next Stop Sunshine
Its Only Only In The Horizon

Light The Fire Stoke The Coal Blow The Whistler All
Aboard Next Stop Forever Always Castle Man
Castle Man
Well The Winter
It Goes On I Know
But I Cant See The Ocean World Winds Are Blowing
Man Your Station
Blow The Guns
And Your Commit Your Ship To See
Next Stop Forever Always Castle Man
Castle Man
And Through The Crowded Memories We Next Gave Our Heart
And Sea And Though The Road Leads Back To You Castle Man
A Friend In Deed You Always Kept Us Inside
You Are Always Forever Always And In Our Song
Always Forever You Are Always Castle Man
Castle Man

And I Am For Every Night A New Day Is Born And Im So
Until We Meet Again This Is Your Song Castle Man Castle

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