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Hey Rosetta - New Goodbye



Get Your Things
We're Leaving
When The Morning Birds Are Singing
We're Sailing

Cause Its Time To Go
What's To Come Only Fate Can Show
See Her Move Like A Toreador
Wielding Her Cloak And Sword

But I Believe
If We Run Into Red Full Speed
Then There Isn't A Blade Beneath Keen Enough To Pierce Our Skins
Cause We Won't Let It In

I've Carried This Preconceived False Belief
That Secretly Everybody's Fooling Me
Just Acting Sweet

But I'm Not Taking It Anymore
Cause The Only Thing That I Ever Learn
Is When Trusting A Stranger Your Trust Will Be Returned
(return It)

So We're Taking The Boat Tonight
We're Taking Our Aging Lives
And We're Waving A New Goodbye
Our Arms Open Wide
(wide And Wide-eyed)



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