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Hey Rosetta - There's An Arc



Don't You Swing Like A Child,
In A Tree, On A Tire, In 85?
There's An Arc That Your Feet Will Ride
On The Way Between Hate And That Sunday Fire

You Look So Serious
Oh, You Look So Serious
The Night Is Serving Us
But You Look So Serious

And This Could Be Our Reward
This Could Be It

This Simple Friday Night
Where You're Loosening Your Tie
But There's A Tightness In Your Eyes

You Look So Serious
Why Do You Look So Serious?
The Night Is Serving Us
And We're Deserving It

And This Could Be Our Reward
This Could Be It
(this Could Be All We're Owed)
(all We're Owed, All We're Getting)

Cause If We Swing Like A Child
Then We're Always Colliding This Time Of Night
But Our Arcs, They Could Align
(we Could Align! We Could Align!)
And Over Gravity Up Comes This Kicking Child
This Kicking Child



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