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Hey Rosetta - We Made A Pact

You And I Made A Pact
A Deal That As We Lay Dying
We'd Think About Eachother Then
And Smile As We're Taken In

I Listened Like A Little Child
To The Story Of Your Earthbound Pilot
He Plummeted So Violent
A Parachute Not Opening
And Rushing To Oblivion
He Broke Into That Knowing Grin

I Think About That A Lot
Cause A Lot Is What I've Not Got
And A Smile Is What I Least Expect
In The Clutches Of This Darkness

You I Was Surprised To Hear
Your Birdsong Velvet In My Ear
The Phone Broke Its Silent Stint
I Pulled The Cord And I Needed It
You Billowed Like A Bowl Of Silk
And Slowed Me From My Ruining



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