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Hillsong United - God One And Only

Verse 1
In A World That's Lost And Seeking
You're The Answer To Every Need
I Know It's You Alone
I Find A Hope For All This Life
In Living As A Sacrifice For You
In Freedom And In Truth

Pre Chorus
Always I Know
You Are Here And You Live In Me
In My Life You're The Only One I Need
In Jesus I Believe

You're The One Who Saved My Soul
You Gave Me Life
So I Give It Back To You
My God
The God One And Only

Verse 2
Now I Stand In Your Salvation
I Keep The Faith
And Fix My Eyes On You
My Hope Is Found In You

You Chose The Cross
And You Took My Place
And I Believe It
This Is Love That I Can't Explain
Yes I Believe It

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