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Hocico - Instincts Of Perversion



I Can Hear The Call
Of Your Instincts They Are Low
This Is What I Want
I Know You're Nothing But A Whore
I Can Smell Your Thirst
You Need My Insults On You Now
I'll Step On You At First
So Get Closer, You're Too Far
I Bless You With My First
The More I Beat The More You Need
I Abuse, I Live For This
Make Your Perversion Real Through Me

I Rape You That's Fair
To My Eyes You're A Cheap Whore
I Call You Like That Again
So You Know Who I Am

I Belong To Offense
You Belong To Abuse
You Belong To Palm
So You Were Born To Lose

I Slay Your Will
In Front Of Your Eyes
I Humiliate You
That's What I Like

I Beat You More I Lose Control
I Can Even Feel Your Soul
I Want To Die In This Game
Which I Always Want To Play



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