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Hocico - Rage

He's lived in the land of lies
he's lived in the land of the hipocresy
raging soul, with his faith injured
now his impatient and rabid
waiting to give the evil a form
let his fury penetrates
while you?re feeling absolute shame.

He feeds on their hate
rapes bodies, rapes souls
voracious beast,
broken passions, broken creeds
he is the offender of your awaken dreams
a nightmare raping your sleep
blind laments unheared
black feelings, brain colapse.

Anger in my face
anger and hate
devouring rage.
too much anger in my face
anger and hate
devouring rage.

Anger under skin
body secreting blood infected
he attacks their corpses
no feelings, no remorse
dare touch him and you?ll know his extreme
revenge behind the offense
compulsing sins, evil
let's rape, rapist.



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