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Hole - 20 Years In The Dakota



She Spent 20 Years In The Dakota
Every Single Day Was Black In The Dakota
Riot Grrrls Think You Stop It
You're Forever In Her Debt
Well, I Know You Haven't Saved Me
And You Haven't Saved Her Yet

She Spent 20 Years Like A Virus
They Want To Burn The Witches Inside Us
Well You, You Don't Fuck With The Fabulous Four
Or You'll Spend The Rest Of Your Life
Picking Things Up Off The Floor

She's Still Alive, But I Am Sure
That All The Stars Belong To Her
On California King-sized Beds
She's Wrapped In Rags Inside My Head

This Is The Story, This Is The Story Of Someone's Wife
Been In Black Pools Her Whole Life
(i Don't Remember, I Forget)
Oh Baby, Dry Your Dirty Eyes
My Water Breaks Like Turpentine

The Pee-girl Burns To Be The Bride
Your Ever-lovely Suicide
Hey Yah, Hey Yah
Are They Coming For Me?
Are They Coming Soon?

Hey Jude, Hey Jude
Are They Coming For Me?
Judy, Judy (i Haven't Lived There Yet)
Are They Coming Soon?
(i Don't Remember, I Forget)

The Pee-girl Burns To Be A Bride
(i Haven't Live There Yet)
Your Ever-lovely Suicide
(i Don't Remember I Forget)
I Don't Remember, I Forget



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