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Hoodoo Gurus - Crossed Wires

Spread out your wings, let's see you fly.
What does it take to get you high?
Not something money ever buys...
Damage control is bought to bear
With cracks appearing everywhere.
You're too far gone to even care.

You're in a mind set,
You've got your wires crossed.
Are even these words lost on you?(oh, yeah)

One of these days I hope you learn
how candles are supposed to burn.
You act as if that's no concern (of yours).

You've taken a wrong turn,
You're stuck in a tailspin.
What good has your life been to you? (oh, yeah).

How can you shake your head (oh, yeah)
But when you wake up dead
Will that do you?
Could that cure you? (oh yeah)
And all your friends say, (oh, yeah)
"It had to end this way."
You couldn't face it,
Was all wasted on you.
Nothing they could do.

There has to be a better way
to make believe that you're o.k.
You're not the first to be afraid
there is no shame, (aren't you afraid?)



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