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Hoodoo Gurus - Leilani Pt.2

(i) Prologue-

Many years have passed since Leilani died
But his broken heart cannot be denied.
He doesn't think of other girls,
He just sits and mourns for her.
She was the only thing in the world he called his,
Now in the world she is.

(ii) My Love is A Red Rock

Swimming by himself
He found a pretty rock
Well, suddenly he felt
That stone begin to talk ('Lani-bi-lani-lei-')
It was his long-lost love
That he held in his hand
The pebble's colour was identical to her tan.

Now she's a rock
From a volcanic pool.
Before she was hot
But now she is cool.
Now she is here, Now she is there,
Now she's getting carried away.
My love is a red, red rock
My love is a red rock.

Down by the lagoon,
You'll see him with his stone.
They sit beneath the moon
And then he takes her home.
He kisses her goodnight
And puts her in a shoebox.
That's what life is like
When your marriage is on the rocks.



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