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Hugh Grant - Buddha's Delight

I'm starting to believe boy
That this is meant to be boy

Cause I believe in karma
Boy do you believe in karma?

So forget about your past life
Cause this could be our last life

We're gonna reach nirvana
Boy we're gonna reach nirvana

Each time you put your lips to mine
It's like a taste of Buddha's delight
I see the gates of paradise
You're a taste of Buddha's delight
Tell me all your fantasies tonight
And I will make them happen cause
I'm not satisfied
If I don't get my Buddha's delight (ref)

Om shanti, shanti
Om shanti, shanti

Like cini meditation
You give me elevation

Can you take me higher?
Wonder can you take me higher

I wanna revelation
And sweet salvation
And the eternal fire
Show me the eternal fire


Om shanti, shanti
Om shanti, shanti

I've got to have my Buddha's delight
Oh shanti, shanti (2x)



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