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Hyper Crush - Its Been A Long Time



What's you name I said man?
Listen, holly, you, uh, I don't know, want to take a walk with me?
What for?
Aw, I got some stuff to say. Guess I'm kind of lucky that way
Most people don't have anything on their minds, do they?

Girl repeat what I said? I don't creep everyday
Well maybe on the weekends, but I keep it the same
Babe, I love you to death, and it's not just for sex
Well, maybe it is, but that's not what I meant
I mean I couldn't live without you, well, maybe I could
I mean I, don't really want to but, maybe I should
Remember when I seen you at the socials dance
You were shaking your poodle skirt, with both of your hands
My hair was out of hand, dripping with dapper dan
You walked right past me, and flashed me a glance
So I grabbed you by the hand, and asked you to dance
This shit was perfect, we were made for each other
So I took you to the lookout and made you my lover
And I didn't wear a rubber, 'cause I knew you were clean
At least I thought you were, but you ruined my dream

It's been a long time
And I know that you lust for me
It's been a long time
And did you ever love me?
It's been a long time
And I know that you miss me
It's been a long time
Damn girlie, I know you want to kiss me

Me and preston, we were cruisin' the boulevard
Roll in my t-bird, you know it's the coolest car
I rolled up to the diner just to grab me a shake
And guess who I saw girl, you were laughing away
I told preston to check it, look at that table
You see that girlie on the left, that looks like an angel?
Well that's my girl, but I probably should tell her
So I walk up to the table, and drop a capella
Everybody started laughing like a crack at a joke
So I reached across the table; put your man in a choke
And you seemed to be angry when you told me to stop
Then the man behind the counter said I'm calling the cops
And that was it girlie



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