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Hyper Crush - Live Forever



Deep Space Travel On, I Can See The Babylon, Light Speed Atom Bomb
Poison In My Body, Soda Pop With Bacardi
I'll Kids With The Flavor, Hey Yo, I'll Catch You Later
Neon Genesis, I Need Some Medicine, Live Life To The Fullest, Rock The Mullet
Rope Chain, Acid Wash, Power Up The Macintosh
Dead Broke, 80's Baby, I Think I'm Going Crazy

Mother Earth, Give Me Birth, I Can See Just What It's Worth
I Got A Heavy Heart Just Like A Ton Of Dirt, Hard Work, Everyday
Up Until The Levee Breaks, Get Drunk, Rock A Show, Eat Then I Got To Go
Spaceship In The Club, People Be Like What The Fuck, Homie-boy This Is It
Happiness Is In My Grips, Spit Flow, Crush A Groove, This Is What The Fuck We Do
Time Warp, Hit The Lever, This Is How I Live Forever



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