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Hyper Crush - T&C

I got two fuckin quarters and I'll play all day
If I got a fuckin' dollar then I'm a-o-kay
8-O-8 rappin' on a blank ol' tape - don't hate
Legendary like cole train
No game, havin' ask kats is so lame
No code, I crack the game like cocaine
I fuck the law back in the day like soul train
T&c surf, q-bert, with super mario

Yes, nes, after my atari broke
People say I'm obsessed, yep
I got rat-tail. I don't say I'm the best but shit I rap well
All I need is a boom box and maxwell
Blank tape (uh) slay my nemesis
Bang bang and vacate the premises

By the 8th grade the game changed my etiquette
Let 'em get loose, the booth is where my weapon is
Excellent, like billy and ted
When it comes to nes yeah I'm only the best
And if you wanna get crazy I'm willing to bet

Fuck you, pay me a milli in debt
I don't wanna talk about, send me a text, uh
S-s-send me a text, uh



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