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Icon For Hire - Now You Know



Seem Like Everywhere I Go, Everybody Wanna Know
What’s It Like To Be A Girl, In The Music World

Wanna Make It Disappear, Tell 'em What They Wanna Hear,
If Truth Aint Pretty Will You All Stay With Me
Will You Love Me, Love Me Ugly

The Scene Is So Sexist, Believe Me I Get It, We’d Probably Sell More Records If I Flaunted My Ass And Chest But
Forget It
I Work Like One Of The Boys, And I’m As True As They Get
But I’m A Lady Through And Through, Like Give Me Some Credit
I Knew I’d Regret It If I Tried To Blend In And Pretend
Be Something Other Than I Am
Like Have You Noticed I’m A Woman
Didn’t Come To Downplay It, Or To Play It Up Either
And I’m Not Trying Pick A Fight Or Be Nobody's Leader
But It Feels Like Everybody’s Just A Little Too Interested
In The Fact That Females Can Indeed Make Music
Our Interviews, Our Bios, --they All Make It A Point
“female Fronted Band, From Decatur, Illinois"
And Just Once, I’d Like To See Some Other Band’s Resume Go Out Of Their Way To Say They’re Fronted By A Male, Ok?
And While We’re On It, Let Me Say
Women Don’t All Sound The Same
Who Gave Us The Idea That "female Fronted” Is A Genre Anyway?

And I Know It’s Not Fair, And I Can’t Complain,
Cuz With Girl In Our Band, People Don’t Look Away
But You Know What, It Feels Like They Look Just A Little Too Long
Stare Me Up And Down, Forget To Listen To The Song

I Take The Stage
And Before I Even Open My Mouth, The Audience Assumes That They Got Us All Figured Out
"oh Your Band’s Got A Chick, Must Be Some Kinda Trick,
There’s No Way She Got This Far Without Sucking Somebody's"
Did You Really Think That’s How It Works, I’m Not Fucking Eye Candy
I’m Here To Do My Job, I’ll Be The Last Man Standing

Boys In Crowd Asking, For Me To Flash Them, Well Here You Go, News Flash:
You’re Ignorant And That’s That
I Bet You’d Never Say That To Your Little Sister
The Media’s Got You All Jacked Up, Little Mister
Cuz Girls In My Position Can Perpetuate The Cycle
Walking A Tightrope, Don’t Know Which Way To Go

Hypersexualize, Or Downplay Your Femininity
Dress Like The Dudes, Or Pray To God That You’re Pretty
Are You Kidding Me? And I Don’t Even Know Who’s To Blame
Beauty Sells, I Buy It Too, I’m Trying To Sell It Back It You.

So Tell Me, What’s A Woman To Do-no, Scratch That
Tell Me What’s A Human Being To With The Fact That
What Gets Us Ahead Just Holds Us Back More
Is A Level Playing Field Too Much To Ask For?

And I Know That By Saying It, I'm Bringing Attention
To An Issue That Might Be Better Left Unmentioned -
But Someone's Gotta Say It, Gotta Call Out The Scene
The Scene Is Obscene, My Sanity's Split At The Seams

So To All Of Ya’ll Making This Just About Ass And Tits
Here To Set The Record Straight, It Don’t Gotta Be This Way
We Can Change The Game, Rearrange The Way To Fame
And Make A Bigger Deal About The Talent Than The Face

See I Got Little Girls Watching Me, Wanting To Be Like Me,
And I Wanna Show Them That They Don’t Gotta Be Like Me
They Can Do Their Own Thing, They Can Rewrite The Rules
They Can Get Respect Without Acting Like Fools

So Lets Not Make It Harder Than It Has To Be
I’ll Keep Making Music, You Stop Asking Me
What’s It Like To Be A Girl In The Entertainment World,
Cuz Now You Know


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