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Ida Maria - Accidental Happiness

Do you know you're precious like spring?
(Tin-tingling, tingling)
I've been having nightmares
(Tin-tingling, tingling)
It's my heart desire
(Tin-tingling, tin tin)

Doctor, doctor
Please prescribe me just a helping hand
Doctor, doctor
My limbs linger
Sold off to another man
You came to me in a fever dream
(Tin-tingling, tingling)
Now we're stuck like super glue
(Tin-tingling, tin tin)

I can't take this to the grave
Why, oh, why should I behave
I just found a treasure
It's a accidental happiness

Oh no!
No, I'm not gonna sit and cry
Tin-tingling, tingling
Tin-tingling, tin tin

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