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  Hip Hop      Iggy Azalea      Red Bottoms (feat. Wine-O)


Iggy Azalea - Red Bottoms (feat. Wine-O)

Clothes tight as hell, girl might as well
Ain't no kiss and tell, if that ain't for sale
I told the girl to go home 'cos she ain't fine as you
I hit the bar with a g, let's have a drink or two (oww!)
Her body is looking good, but she is out of sight
Can't take you to my hood, 'cos I'm gonna have a fight
My eyes burninannotateg through that it ain't polite
That's 'cos I can't blink, can't get you out of my sight

Yeah (woohoo)
She dancing in them red bottoms (woohoo)

It ain't trickin if you gotta go and spend that cash

It's hot, hot in this club
I'm thirsty
Baby show me love
I'm sweating, I'm sweating
Need a drink so I can get in front of you
And take it low, make everybody wish they was you
Spend a couple dollars on me

Like them pink, yellow, blue
Keep them coming if you tryna kickin and conversate
They be gettin like t-pain, buy me a drank
It ain't trickin if you gotta go and spend that cash

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