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Imelda May - Inside Out



Love, It's A Crazy Make My Heart Go Upsy Daisy
Make My Blood Flow, Not So Lazy, 'cos I Love You Inside Out

Time Is A Wastin' Why D'ya Hold Out, So Frustratin'
'cos You Know That You're Lookin' Amazing
And I Love You Inside Out

I Love Your Eyes, Blue As The Skies
I Love You Lips, To Your Fingertips
I Love Your Bones, You Old Sticks And Stones Yeah
I Love You Inside Out

Oh, Don't You Believe Me, Yeah, I Know, It's Kinda Creepy
Oh But Oh, You're Lovin' Ir Deeply
Admit It, I Did It, You Know You're Gonna Jeep Me
So Say You Love Me Like A Hobo, Worn And Grubby
But You Know Though, No One Above Me
And You Love Me Inside Out

I Love Your Chin And The Skin That You're In
I Love Your Nails, Even Your Entrails
I Love Your Soul Even Your Little Mole
Yeah I Love Ya Inside Out

I Love You Arms And Your Laugh Aloud Charms
I Love Your Wits And All You Wobbly Bits
I Love Your Lungs And Your Talking Tongue
Yeah I Love You Inside Out, Yeah



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