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  Rockabilly      Imelda May      Proud And Humble


Imelda May - Proud And Humble



I Said Lord Here's The Total Of What I Done
Sometimes I Did Good, Sometimes I Done Wrong
But I Did The Best I Could From Where I Come From
And I'll Keep On Tryin' Till My Day Is Done

And So I'm Proud And Humble,, Humble And Proud
Yeah, I'm Proud And Humble, Humble And Proud
I'll Be Proud And Humble, Humble And Proud When I Come
Yeah, When I'm Done

Oh, I Made The Most From What I Knew Then
But If I Lived It Over I'd Do The Same Again
I Try, I Try For You To Please
But You Know I'm Only Human, You Created Me

Well I'm Humbled By You And Thankful Oh Lord
I Studied You Life And You Holy Word
But I Hold My Head Just A Little High
'cos I'm Proud That I Got On With This Given Life



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