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Imelda May - Psycho



Keep On Takin' Your Medication
Lock That Temper Behind Those Pills
Your Brain Is Flyin', Insanely Fryin'
Just Remember It's A Bad To Kill
I Go With A Psycho
I Go With A Psycho

No More Growlin', Stop You Prowlin'
Leave Those Cars And People Alone
You're An Animal, A Human Cannibal
Snarlin' And A Snappin' Like A Dog On A Bone
I Go With A Psycho
Yeah I Go With A Psycho

You Terrify The Neighbours When Your Scream And Shout
You Look Like It's Contagious, You're Foaming At The Mouth
You're A Freakin' Nightmare When You're Lyin' In My Bed
You Sleep With Eyes Wide Open Live The Living Dead
I Go With A Psycho
I Go With A Psycho


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