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Matchbox Twenty - Pain't Me Blue

There's Not Enough Of Me Well,
There's Way Too Much Of You
I Think I Saw Some Happy People Yesterday And That'll Never Do.
There's Never Too Much Violence,
Ain't It Time We Had A War
You Leave On Your Shirt And I'll Be Skins
And We'll Go Flying Through The Door(intro To Chorus 1)
These Are Violent Times
And I Only Want To Do My Part,
To Sink To Hatreds Depths And Smile At What We've All Become(chorus)
I Need Understanding,
Just A Pack Or Two,
To Help Me With My Troubles, And What To Do's
I Don't Feel No Raging,
There Ain't Nothing New,
Drop Me In The Ocean,
And Paint Me Blue.i Don't Have A Worry,
I Don't Have A Care,
I Don't Have A Sound Piece Of Mind,
But I Manage To Fare
I Don't Like Neighbors,
Well They're Just Not My Kind
And I Think It Might Be All For The Whales,
And I Really Don't Mind(intro To Chorus 2)
If These Are The Golden Years,
Then I Think It's Time To Cash Them In
To Sit In Our Rocking Chairs
And Talk About The Good Old Days(chorus)
(intro To Chorus 1)



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