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Matchbox Twenty - You're So Real



Yes I am
I hope you think you read me
Hope I start talking crazy
Before you understand me
Are we through
You think that I'm beneath you
But you like the things that I do
Well wrap 'em up and take 'em with you

I'm alright
Hope I can sleep for one night
If not to cool my insides
Maybe to calm my backside
Shame on me
Rain on me
I got a weakness in me
I think that weakness feeds me
I don't think you think you need me

You're the best time
I ever, ever had
But I think I made you feel bad
The black fly on your necktie

But when the sun starts sinking
On your beautiful soul
Make you cry, cry baby
Make you feel so cold
Don't you know it's all right
You just got to show how you feel
Cuz that's you baby
Yeah, you're so real

Run it round in your head
Like you don't know what's on the inside
You don't know me too well
You ain't seen my bad side
Shame on me
Shame on the things that I'd be
If you could complicate me
If you could get inside me

You're the best time
I've ever, ever known
When you've got your wicked smile on
But I've cried
For the last time
I'm drying inside

And you always know just who you are
You never needed someone else
To realize yourself I'm all right
Hope I can



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