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Pierce The Veil - Before Today



Why do I talk so when it`s your fault?
You`re the only one that breaks away
We had fun we had fun we had fun
Everyday will become night and it`ll end without a change
We`ll try still strong in chains urging the mind
To speak until the weakness has been disarmed
I`ll be back for you we`ll try I`ll find you
These midnight masquerades
Are still strong in their chains their chains
It`s the motion in our blood that has since ran out of love
And it`s so hard when we`ve wasted all our youth on you
Wait for the same moon we were smoking on a cold day`s afternoon
In the same in the same in the same fire
We`ll soon untie
When it`s over the scenes fall in two
When it`s over the sun will be back for you for you
We`ll soon we`ll soon untie


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