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Pierce The Veil - Currents Convulsive



So long
Break a leg tonight
What a shame I heard the understudy died under the knife
Crying backwards
Under bedroom lights
The operation
I don`t think you`ll ever want to love me
You`d better listen to your doctor doctor
Sober up
And bury the empty cup
In a backyard of Seattle
We used to lie
When I sew you up
Don`t let me
Stop bleeding
Tiny stitches that you placed into my skin
Won`t let me go
Oh no oh no
And they`re ruining the mood
So I`ll toast every beat of my heart like a miracle
And I don`t think you`ll ever want to love me
You`d better listen to your doctor
Doctors lie lie lie
If the dollar is right
Oh my sweet little girl
Hold your mouth and you`ll be alright
Gather round gather round
Ladies and gentlemen
Come from far come from wide
The moment you`ve all been waiting for
Join us as we explore the spine-chilling mystery of death
And the miracle of resurrection
Please understand me when
I`d rather see you dead
Than live without me
So thirsty for more
Beyond the sea blue light
I met the love of my life
She`d rather see me dead than face me
I like your starry eyes
They yell surprise surprise
I`m in love but not for long
Our operation
Call off the operation
Another wave has turned its back on me
Crashed back on the eyes of the first I see
Can`t count on anything
For you I`d count the salt under the sea
If your delicate eyes don`t blink someday
They might as well be gone


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