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Pierce The Veil - Props e Mayhem

Self medicated, while they sleep
We let the night chase
Evil things away
And we`re like animals homesick from shows
We`ve got to kill everything before the night gets wasted

Maybe it`s seem so strange
But we don`t even stress at all
`Cause we`ve got poisons in our well
(Poisons in our well)

Come at me with everything you`ve got.

Burst into flames, scream in the dark
I`m gonna light up this place
And die in beautiful stars tonight

Does it even make a difference?
When I`m sober, I feel pain
`Cause we run under the stars through cemetery backyards
Celebrate the way the night hides scars

So dance!
If it moves you
Jump in the fire
If it burns you
I`ll throw my arms around you darling
And we`ll turn to ashes drowning in the flame

Burst into flames, scream in the dark!
I`m gonna light up this place and die in beautiful stars!

What if these demons keep falling from the sky?
Sometimes I love the way you swing the blade at everything in sight!

Separate me from my own two hands, I`ve killed so many times
But I can`t save the world from the creatures that don`t die

I kinda like the way you tell me, "Baby, please come home
I need you here right now
I`m crying underwater so you don`t hear the sound"

Burst into flames, scream in the dark!
I`m gonna light up this place!
Oh, oh, oh, yeah!

And I will be the only light
I`ll be the only light!


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