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Pierce The Veil - Roots Beneath Ideals



These day`s occupations have noticeably
Paused in me
Anything is better than a wandering intention to find
Roots beneath ideals
I am searching on a binge of desperation
To throw these worries off my back
And leave a crack in your expectancy
In your expectancy
Look what you`ve made of me
You`ve made so much noise
That confusion has awaken in me
You have made me careless once again
And so again a buried hatred has risen
You have executed the innocent
Would life for you continue if mine stopped
Don`t use the past to comment on
The present because
Tomorrow I`ll do better than you`ve ever seen and
I will ignore the lines that you have drawn
For along them I could never walk upon
My will lies dead
Behind a door that`s rusted
That`s rusted shut
Don`t blow the dust off of these old books
Because I`ll choke again
And I can`t predict if the air will clear
In time to catch my breath


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