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  Emocore      Pierce The Veil      Sambuka


Pierce The Veil - Sambuka



As you cry in silver rings and pose
In a second you`ll be high and in the clouds alone
I never thought I`d see the day
But I see stars around your face
Just like we`re in the movies and you`re scared
This was never my intention after all
So tell me what the fuck did I do?
Damn not even from my lifeless cold dead hands
We`re made to destroy
Tell me what you want until it hurts
I`ll hang myself in lights
And I will glow for you
The colors oh my God it says you
Spinning on this circus ride
You`re further than you`ve ever been
Stuck in zero gravity we laugh
I think we`re in over our heads
I can`t deny it`s getting worse
Trust me it`s is a blessing and a curse
Call me if you`re crashing we`ll take turns
Hello welcome to southern california
Now go back home
Step back I can`t believe
Do the math the sky will fall anyways
Trust me this is a blessing and a curse
This much I can`t deny
I can`t deny it`s getting worse
Trust me it`s a blessing and a curse


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